When your future is at stake,
hire only the very best.

Break free from the cycle of crime

You’ve been in trouble with the law for minor things from time to time in your life, but right now you feel like things are only getting worse. You want to do better and stop taking drugs, getting into fights and engaging in theft, but you can’t seem to break the cycle. Every time you tell yourself you’re going to change, you end up doing the same thing.

If you’ve now been accused of a felony, this could finally be the wake-up call that you’ve been waiting for all along. Being found guilty of a felony charge can have serious consequences for your life. It will lead to prison time, a criminal record, and it will limit your rights to do certain things in society. Are you finally ready to change your life for the better? Start here.

It’s all about habits

Habits rule everything we do in our lives, for better or for worse. Some people have positive habits: They work out, go to a well-paid job, pay a mortgage and hustle honestly. They do this effortlessly because they’ve taught themselves to. But other people are stuck in negative habits: They take drugs, steal and deal to fund their habits, and chase money in places that cause more problems. Habits can be unlearned, but you need to start small and replace one bad habit with a positive one.

Know what your future life looks like

You can’t break out of a cycle when you don’t know what you want. How do you envision your ideal future life? Envision it in detail, then work out what you need to give up in your current life and what you need to work toward.

Defend yourself

If you’re facing felony charges, you need to start by defending yourself. Take action now to learn your defense options and get your life under control.

Life is a series of small actions that can make or break your future. Defending yourself against a felony could be the first step toward a better future.