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Alcohol addiction and drug courts

Many DUI arrests actually happen because of alcohol addiction. The driver knows that he or she should not drive while intoxicated, but alcohol use is so frequent and difficult to control that it is inevitable that it will happen at some point. The person may even argue that they drink so often that they did not feel intoxicated, despite being over the legal limit.

In these types of arrest cases, it is clear that the real problem is the addiction. That’s what needs to be addressed, and it’s better done in a medical setting, like a rehab center, than in a jail. Jail time does not “reform” someone, as it is intended to do, if they’re actually trying to work through a complicated medical issue.

So, what are some signs of alcohol addiction to determine if this is really the issue? This is something to discuss with a medical professional, but they may include excessive drinking, feeling withdrawal symptoms or feeling like the desire to drink is too much to overcome.

When you feel this way, the addiction itself is what pushes you to drive while intoxicated, not your own decisions. Colorado has a specific drug court system for those dealing with these types of addictions. Experts note that it works better than jail time because it specifically treats the real problem (the addiction) and not just the symptom (driving while intoxicated). This system has been in place for nearly 25 years and has had a great impact.

Have you been arrested or accused of drunk driving? It can have a massive impact on your future, so you need to know about all of the defense options you have.