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How can I reinstate my license quickly?

Drunk driving laws in all 50 states are severe, and there is a good reason for this. Millions of Americans get behind the wheel of a car every single day, and a single drunk driver can do a lot of damage.

However, if you have a drunk driving conviction, you may find yourself in a difficult predicament. Most individuals in Colorado rely on their car to do everything from run errands to get to work. However, having a suspended license can make this very difficult. Fortunately, according to the government of Colorado, early reinstatement of your driver’s license is possible if you participate willingly in the ignition interlock program.

What is ignition interlock?

An ignition interlock device is essentially a wired-in breathalyzer attached to the ignition of your car. In order to start the car, the driver must breathe into the ignition interlock device to prove that he or she has not been drinking alcohol. Additionally, once the car starts, the driver must occasionally breathe into the device to prove that the driver has not consumed alcohol in the interim period.

In some cases, the law requires individuals convicted of DUI to law to put in an ignition interlock device. However, installing one willingly may help you get your unrestricted license back sooner.

How can ignition interlock help me get my license reinstated?

Not everybody is eligible for this program. You must be a resident of Colorado, be at least 21 years old when the DUI violation occurred, and have satisfied all other requirements of reinstatement other than time.

This program is also only available on an individual basis. Interested person should contact the state of Colorado for more information.