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Where can I find employment as a felon?

As you search for employment in Colorado, you may come across a roadblock to securing a position. Many employers conduct criminal background checks, and if you have a felony on your record, they will not hire you. Trying to secure a job and coming up short every time due to your criminal history is a frustrating experience. After all, you just want to find employment so that you can be a productive member of society. There is good news, though. There are some employers who will give you a chance. 

According to Jobs That Hire Felons, your best chance of securing work is through a smaller company. Large corporate businesses often conduct background checks on every employee regardless of the position, and hiring decisions are often corporate policies, leaving little room for a hiring manager to override the rules. Smaller companies do not have these rules. They generally are more willing to give you a chance after a felony conviction. 

Usually, you will have a better chance with a job requiring technical skills. You may need to obtain training or education to secure a position. Look for jobs in factories, lawn care, the trades, construction and truck driving. 

There are some larger companies that do hire felons. These include Amazon, UPS, PepsiCo and General Mills. Your best job options are those that do not require working with money or directly with customers. 

Also, keep in mind that any position requiring a background check using your fingerprints will bring up everything on your criminal record whereas a check via your Social Security number may only go back seven to ten years. So, your job possibilities may increase as the years go by.