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False domestic violence allegations and custody issues

When someone is accused of domestic violence by a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or even child, their life as they know it may change indefinitely. These are very serious accusations that can lead to many different hurdles in one’s life, such as time in prison and the destruction of a good reputation (which may create problems in someone’s career, cause them to lose friends, etc.). However, domestic violence allegations can be especially damaging when they surface during the divorce process, especially when it comes to custody, and these accusations are not always true.

Unfortunately, many people have had to endure the consequences of a domestic violence case during their divorce even though they were completely innocent. Why would someone falsely accuse another of domestic violence during a divorce? For starters, this can have a huge impact on how child custody is awarded. If a parent wants to ensure that they are given full custody, they may use this nasty strategy to gain an advantage. Even for couples without kids, these false claims may surface during the divorce process. For example, someone may be very angry at their spouse for filing for a divorce and they may want to make their life harder.

If you have been accused of domestic violence and you are completely innocent, it is imperative to address these allegations in the right manner. The way in which you prepare for court could affect how the domestic violence case plays out and it may also play a key role in your ability to secure custody rights. Please examine other pages on our website to read more on this topic.