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How a DUI conviction can wreck your career

If you face DUI charges in Colorado, you should take these charges very seriously. You need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who will do everything possible to see to it that you do not receive a conviction. After all, a DUI conviction will not only subject you to the possibility of spending time in prison, it will also follow you for years to come, substantially lessening your chances of obtaining employment.

This is particularly true if you currently attend college or grad school in preparation to working in a profession. Remember, you will need a license to practice in that profession, and the licensing board responsible for issuing it may not do so if your record reveals a DUI conviction.

Background check results

Even if you do not plan a career in one of the professions, a DUI conviction likely will still seriously hamper your efforts to get the jobs you want. Why? Because most employers perform background checks on job applicants and these will bring to light not only your conviction, but also the following negative information about you:

  • Your court records from whichever court convicted you
  • Your prison and/or jail records from wherever you served your sentence
  • Your driving record from the DMV in the state where you received your conviction
  • Your driving records from the DMVs in the states that revoked or suspended your driver’s license due to your DUI conviction

Background check fallout

When a potential employer finds your DUI conviction, (s)he may give the job you applied for to one of your co-applicants whose record does not reflect a criminal conviction. Unfortunately, most employers view a DUI conviction as a serious black mark against you. In addition, the DUI conviction will prevent your ability to obtain a commercial driver’s license for years to come, so you will not be eligible for jobs that require a CDL.