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What do Florida drivers need to know about driving drunk?

You’re on your way back from a cousin’s house after sharing a bottle of wine. You had an extra beer at the grill and you don’t want to leave your truck. There are a lot of temptations to drive with a buzz on in Florida, but it’s never a good idea and it’s almost always against the law.

What constitutes drunk driving under Florida law?

Enough alcohol to impair normal faculties is the important point in determining if a driver is drunk. If a person has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or above based on a breath test, that person is considered legally intoxicated. If a person’s BAC is .15 or above, that may incur a higher fine due to higher intoxication.

What are the punishments for drunk driving convictions?

Fines start at $500 for first-time offenders, although they start at $2,000 for a BAC of .15 or a person driving with a minor in the car. Community service is also a requirement, and probation of up to a year may be ordered by the court. A judge may also order imprisonment or participation in an alcohol abuse treatment program.

How can I fight drunk driving charges?

Driving under the influence may be justifiable, such as a response to an emergency after drinking. A police officer may have failed to gather or preserve evidence of a blood alcohol level or impairment test. If this is demonstrated to the satisfaction of the court, charges may be dropped or a person may be acquitted. Consult an attorney to get the proper legal representation to defend against drunk driving charges.