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Florida domestic violence cases not always clear cut

Some domestic violence shelters in Florida have reported a rise in parents and children seeking refuge this summer – so much so that they are overflowing – but what is the cause?

It’s likely because of multiple reasons, said people who work for the shelters.

One is the season, with more parents deciding to leave their alleged abusers when school is out of session – combined with the summer heat and humidity that can lead tempers to flare more easily. Next, it could be because there is a lack of affordable housing, meaning survivors can’t get together enough money to move to a place of their own. It also could be due to the rise of the NO MORE movement, as people have become emboldened, instead of embarrassed, to discuss what they say is violence against them.

And lastly, some said, the rash of domestic-violence murder cases in Florida has encouraged some parents to leave their partner. They don’t want themselves or their children to be the next victims.

“People are now willing to take this crime seriously,” one expert in the field told the Orlando Sentinel. “We’re becoming more comfortable talking about it.”

These reports of overcrowding in domestic violence shelters are discouraging. It is never OK for a partner to abuse another in any manner, whether it is physically, emotionally, verbally or sexually.

Domestic violence is a serious crime that holds serious consequences for those found guilty of it, which includes everything from the loss of a job to jail time. Those alleging domestic violence deserve to have their stories heard and seek help, when needed. Not all cases are black and white, however, and wrongful accusations frequently occur. Those who believe they have been wrongfully accused also deserve to be heard. A Florida attorney experienced in such cases can offer guidance.