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Everyday people could commit felonies unknowingly

Although many people think they’ve never committed a crime, the reality is that some are easy to commit given the chance. Did you know that there is a possibility that you’ve committed a felony without even knowing it? It’s true.

Even some seemingly ordinary activities could result in felony charges. These charges could change your life forever if they result in a conviction, which is why you have to defend yourself. Here’s an example of a crime you could commit.

Were you aware that getting lost in the woods on a moped could end up resulting in you violating the Wilderness Act? If you’re on federally designated areas, the use of motor vehicle is generally prohibited.

Likewise, giving a false statement to an official could get you into trouble. A good example would be talking to an officer who stops you and stating that you didn’t litter. If he saw you do so, you’ll be accused of giving a false statement. Doing that is a federal crime.

Overall, the point of discussing these possible felonies is to show that not everyone accused of felonies is a bad person. In fact, many are just in the wrong place at the wrong time or unaware of a mistake they’re making. It’s because of obscure laws and the need to protect your rights that attorneys exist today. Any time you commit a felony or are accused of doing so, it is your right to defend yourself against the allegations. You need to know that you’re being heard fairly in court and that you aren’t going to end up unfairly labeled as a felon despite not intending to do anything wrong.

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