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Outdated, unusual laws can catch you off-guard

If you’re accused of a crime, it’s devastating at the best of times. What’s even worse is if it’s a charge for something you didn’t know was a law or if the law is outdated.

For instance, Florida has a very outdated law that makes it illegal to amble or stroll. It’s actually a misdemeanor in Hialeah. Although it’s unlikely you would be charged, it’s still in the books.

Another unusual law that could catch some people off guard is a law banning anyone from selling oranges on the sidewalk in Miami. This is likely to prevent people from blocking the sidewalks or from begging, but it’s interesting considering the high number of orange vendors in the state.

In Sanford, those in the theatre could get into trouble with the law if they perform nude. Nudity is common in many older classic plays, but unless the theatrical performance is approved and professional, you could face an arrest.

Interestingly, one law in Daytona Beach prevents people from having cars on their property if they aren’t in use. Cars have to be registered and be functional. Again, while it’s unlikely you’ll face any trouble if your car isn’t working, leaving a broken-down vehicle on your lot for too long could draw attention and lead to a citation.

There are plenty of laws that don’t make sense, but at the end of the day, any law on the books can still result in charges and penalties. While most will be dismissed or easy to defend, they can still cause you trouble while you await a hearing.

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