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With 20 years of experience in the criminal justice system, I know how to get positive results for clients who have been charged with a criminal offense. With insider knowledge and a drive to win, I am the attorney defendants turn to when dismissal — and freedom — is their goal.

High Rate Of Dismissals And Acquittals

Recognized by the Equal Justice Foundation for my “high rate of
acquittals and dismissals” in domestic violence cases.

Former Domestic Violence/Sex Assault Prosecutor

With a background in criminal prosecution, I have the know-how and insight
to stand-up for your constitutional rights.

Domestic Violence Defense

Falsely accused? Misunderstood? Targeted by a spiteful significant other?
I can help.

Sexual Assault Defense

I don’t judge. I provide mitigating evidence to the
court to paint a complete, accurate picture.

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2016 - 10 Best Client satisfaction - American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys(TM)
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"The Highest Rate Of Acquittals and Dismissals"
— Equal Justice Foundation
"The Highest Rate Of Acquittals and Dismissals"
— Equal Justice Foundation

Cyberstalking: a real crime with very real consequences

Technology and the way that computer use plays into everyday life has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of criminal activity that takes place online. Florida readers may mistakenly believe that, if something happens online, it will not necessarily translate into real life. If you face charges of cyberstalking — an internet crime, you understand that is not true.

Cyberstalking is a real crime, and a conviction can bring significant penalties that can forever alter the course of your life. There is a lot at stake, but a conviction or guilty plea are not your only options. You have the right to fight back and strongly defend your interests against this very serious accusation.

Understanding online stalking

Cyberstalking is the stalking or harassment of an individual through online means. Whether it is through email, message boards, Facebook, social media or any other form of internet-based communication, cyberstalking is a crime. Many people accused of this crime think that deleting evidence is sufficient, but forensic evidence and computer investigators can effectively investigate these cases.

Stalking happens when a person willfully and maliciously follows or harasses another person, and it can happen online as well. Consider the following about the charges against you and your defense:

  • In order to get a conviction, the prosecution must be able to prove you intentionally scared, harassed, intimidated or threatened another person.
  • Cyberstalking cases can be difficult to prosecute, and it can be difficult to prove a person had malicious intent.
  • Any type of stalking can result in expensive fines and time behind bars. 

If you are facing accusations of cyberstalking or another type of internet-based crime, you have no time to lose in seeking the full protection of your interests. There is a lot at stake, but with a strong defense, you can fight to protect your future. 

Your defense can start today

Regardless of the status of your case or your assumptions about the evidence against you, you can benefit from a thoughtfully prepared and strong defense. Whether you are already facing charges or you are currently under investigation, you can benefit from experienced guidance at any point.

You do not have to wait to build your defense. A thorough evaluation of your case can reveal the most appropriate defense strategy for your situation. You do not have to face these serious charges alone, but you can take immediate steps to protect your future.