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Food-stamp fraud leads to arrests in Florida

There are many times when people do things that are wrong but think they won’t get caught. One of those things is selling or using food stamps in a way that is against federal law. For example, you aren’t legally allowed to sell your food stamps to others and shouldn’t be able to purchase certain items with them.

If you do participate in these acts, you could face charges for fraud. That’s what’s happening in Florida after a six-month operation caught people in the act.

Nearly 200 people are behind bars after the undercover operation took place in Florida. The sting and investigation was to determine if people were misusing food stamps, which is a federal crime. After the setup, over 100 were allegedly caught committing fraud.

According to the news out of Jacksonville, the authorities created several fake businesses where people could make fake food purchases or exchange their benefits for $0.50 per dollar. While some of these people may have needed the money for legitimate purposes, obtaining it in this way is against the law and not the purpose of food stamps in the United States.

During the six-month investigation, the detectives met over 130 people and completed 390 transactions. Of the above, 115 people now face felony charges, while 61 face misdemeanors.

Cases like this are difficult, because they could impact people who truly needed help. If you’re charged with a felony for trading or selling food stamps, it’s important to work with someone who can help you protect your rights. You’re in a tough spot, but the right support can help.

Source: NBC Miami 6, “Nearly 200 Arrested in Florida Undercover Investigation,” March 13, 2018