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Eligibility for a firearm: What you need to know about licensing

In Florida, there are requirements for a concealed weapon. To obtain a Florida concealed weapon or firearm license, you need to be able to show that you’re competent firing a weapon. You must also show that you are 21 years of age or older. There is an exception for those in the military. If you are serving overseas or are currently in the United States serving in the military, you need to submit a copy of your deployment documents to receive a license for your weapon.

What reasons are there to limit someone’s ability to obtain a firearm license?

There are around a dozen reasons why you may not be eligible for a concealed weapons license. For instance, if you are convicted of a violation of a controlled substance law or have been arrested several times for drug-related crimes, you may not be eligible. You won’t be able to obtain a license if you can’t pass a test of proficiency. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor due to physical violence in the last three years or have a felony conviction, you will not be able to obtain the license you desire.

Other reasons, like being a fugitive or not being a U.S. Citizen could also restrict your right to a concealed weapon license. If you’re concerned about not being able to purchase a firearm or have a concealed weapons license, it’s worth discussing your case with a professional to determine if there is anything you can do to reach eligible status. Sometimes, there are easy solutions, like getting older or joining the military, that can give you the access you want.