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Do you know the different types of domestic violence?

Facing accusations of a crime can damage a person’s reputation and result in having to carry out applicable punishment if a conviction occurs. Unfortunately, you could find yourself among the numerous individuals who have had false accusations brought against them due to the unseemly actions of another person. Though you know these allegations to be untrue, you may still end up in criminal court having to defend yourself.

Domestic violence accusations can prove particularly damaging to individuals’ lives. If this is the type of crime of which someone has accused you, you may feel distraught that others could think you capable of such acts. Nonetheless, you may wonder how this situation comes about and what options may help you deal with formal charges in the best manner possible.

What constitutes domestic violence?

Domestic violence or domestic abuse can come in a variety of forms. As a result, you may want to better understand what actions could fall into this category and in which your accuser claims you participated. Forms of domestic abuse include:

  • Physical abuse – This type of abuse may first come to mind when someone mentions domestic violence. Actions considered as physical abuse include punching, slapping, biting, pushing and other forms of physical violence.
  • Emotional abuse – All forms of domestic violence do not have to leave physical marks. Individuals could claim emotional abuse from a spouse if one has manipulated, invalidated or made them to feel as if they had little self-worth.
  • Economic abuse – This form of abuse may not even cross many people’s minds. However, causing someone to become financially dependent on you as a means of control could constitute domestic abuse.

When you find yourself accused in such a situation, knowing what type of wrongdoing of which one has accused you could help you determine how you would like to navigate the criminal proceedings ahead.

How can you defend yourself?

As with any criminal charge, you have the right to defend yourself against allegations of domestic violence. Depending on the specific accusations against you and your personal feelings regarding your defense, your most feasible options could vary. Therefore, you may want to explore your legal avenues to find the route that best suits your needs.

Handling criminal charges can easily feel overwhelming, especially when lacking the right information. Luckily, you could seek professional assistance from a Florida attorney if you wish to gain an advocate during this difficult time.