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Don’t ruin your spring break in Florida with a DUI arrest

You’ve seen all the movies. Spring break in Florida is filled with sun, fun, and parties. You are so excited.

While you only want to bask in the sun, you may walk away with more than a tan. Students who have gotten carried away sometimes walk away with a DUI. In March 2015, more than 4,500 people got DUI citations. If you are facing DUI charges, contact a Palm Beach Gardens DUI attorney.

In order to prevent students from getting DUI’s during spring break, Florida’s Highway Safety organization developed recommendations for spring break safety.

Here’s how to avoid getting a DUI in Florida

Plan ahead. Are you going to drink? Know how you are getting home before taking the first sip. Can you take an Uber? Split a taxi with friends? Have a designated driver.

Choose not to drink and drive. You know how everyone looks so much prettier at closing time? That’s because your judgment is the first thing affected after drinking alcohol. Your impairment begins with the first drink and gets progressively worse with each sip.

Don’t let your friends drink and drive. Take their keys and save a life.

Call a lawyer if you do get pulled over. Florida has an implied consent law, so if you are behind the wheel, you have already agreed to take the sobriety test.

Don’t ruin your spring break experience by getting a DUI. Be responsible, plan ahead, choose not to drink and drive.

If you do get arrested, don’t be afraid to fight the charge. You should contact an experienced Florida attorney to protect your precious freedom and record. Don’t let a mistake ruin your future.