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Ballot fraud costs woman felony conviction, right to vote

Voter fraud was a hotly debated issue during the last presidential election. While some people were convinced that it was a widespread issue, there have only been a few isolated incidents that have come to light around the nation -- none amounting to more than a few ballots.

However, even one fraudulent ballot damages the integrity of the democratic system and is a serious crime.

What should you know about accomplice liability?

If you've been charged with complicity, that means the police believe that you somehow aided a criminal act. No matter how small you think your part in the crime actually was, accomplice liability is no small issue -- you can end up doing just as much time behind bars as the person who actually committed the crime.

This is what you need to know:

Arrested on a drug charge? It could be an unforeseen blessing

Believe it or not, arrest can be the best thing that happens to someone with a drug addiction. This is why:

1. An arrest can be a wake-up call to both the addict and the addict's family. Addicts not only often fool family members, but they frequently fool themselves into believing that their addiction isn't serious. An arrest makes it hard to ignore and continue to hide an addiction.

Stalking and aggravated stalking: Understand the difference

What's the difference between stalking and aggravated stalking in Florida?

Stalking is generally defined as a pattern of behavior that can include watching, following, harassing, intimidating or threatening someone else. There are several different acts that can be considered stalking:

  • Calling, writing, texting or otherwise repeatedly contacting someone against his or her wishes
  • Following someone everywhere he or she goes
  • Showing up over and over again at someone's place of business, where he or she shops or where he or she worships
  • Photographing or videotaping someone without his or her permission
  • Cyberstalking someone, which can include things like contacting him or her via email or through social media accounts against his or her wishes

What type of conduct is considered disorderly?

You've likely heard it said that what goes on behind closed doors isn't anyone's business. The same can't be said for public behavior, however. In Florida or anywhere you go throughout the United States, there are laws to define what are acceptable public displays of behavior. Above and beyond that, there are also laws that clearly state that certain types of behavior are not only unacceptable but unlawful as well. The trick to staying out of trouble, then, is knowing the difference.

Disorderly conduct is a term applied to various types of behavior considered unlawful and subject to criminal charges. Since state laws often vary on such issues, it behooves you to research the laws of the state you're in to gain clarification of what you may and may not do in a public setting.

Where does a defense attorney start with a domestic abuse charge?

If you've been charged with domestic violence, you may feel like it's simply a case of your word against that of your alleged victim -- especially if the responding officers arrested you without giving you much of a chance to explain your side.

Your defense attorney probably has an entirely different perspective, however, and sees plenty of places to look for evidence that can help your case.

Pointing a finger gun at an officer could earn Florida man jail

Finger guns, the kind you make with your first two fingers and your thumb, are generally the sort of thing that you would expect only grade-school kids to take seriously -- unless you happen to point one at an officer of the law and make a little threat while you're doing it.

In that case, the law in Florida may just take the gun you made with your fingers almost as seriously as if you had pointed a real weapon at the officer instead.

Florida's new capital punishment law faces first test

It took jurors only 30 minutes to convict a Florida man of murdering a security guard.

It may take them a lot longer to decide what the punishment for that crime should be, however, because this is the first Miami jury to deliberate under Florida's new death-penalty laws.

Domestic violence cases and mitigating factors

Does a domestic batterer ever deserve sympathy?

That's a hard question to ask and a harder one to answer -- but attorneys who advocate for the rights of those charged with domestic violence often ask the court to look on a batterer with both sympathy and compassion -- and to translate those feelings into a reduced charge or lighter sentence.

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