Representative Cases

Case Results — High Rate Of Acquittals/Dismissals

ElaineLukicElaine Esther Lukic

CO Atty. Reg. No.: 029942

Multiple states cases

Case numberDescriptionResult
16 M 4881third degree assault, DVacquittal/dismissal
16 M 334third degree assault, harassment, DVacquittal/dismissal
16 M 3468third degree assault, DV, second offenseacquittal/dismissal
16 M 1798third degree assault, harassment, DVacquittal/dismissal
16 M 31violation of RO, DV, 3rd offenseacquittal/dismissal
16 M 56third degree assault, DVacquittal/dismissal
16 M 25third degree assault, DVacquittal/dismissal
15 CR 31F4 careless driving/alcohol/accidentacquittal/dismissal
15 M 3493violation RO/DVacquittal/dismissal
15 M 2933criminal mischief, DVacquittal/dismissal
13 CR 4682possession of firearmacquittal/dismissal
06 CR 335364 counts F3 sex assault/child/position of trust Son of US Ambassadoracquittal/dismissal
05 CR 002F3 sex assault/forceacquittal/dismissal
05CR211F4/menacing/deadly weaponacquittal/dismissal
08CR205F5/attempted sex assault/position of trustacquittal/dismissal
11CR016F3 second degree assault, DVacquittal/dismissal
11M640third degree assault/DVacquittal/dismissal
03M700third degree assault/DVacquittal/dismissal
12 M 472harassment/DVacquittal/dismissal
12 M 668third degree assault/DVacquittal/dismissal
13 CR 79second degree assault/deadly weapon/DVacquittal/dismissal
08 M 1163741 counts harassment/DVdismissal after 2 year deferred judgment, 1 count harassment/DV
10 CR 1752 nd degree assaultdismissal after 1 year Deferred judgment, 3 rd degree assault, misdemeanor.
11 GS 2729413 rd degree assault/DVacquittal/dismissal
11 M 6403 rd degree assault/DVacquittal/dismissal
11 CR 1372 nd degree assault/deadly weapondismissed after 4 year Deferred judgment/2 ndDegree assault
11 M 137DUIDdismissed after 2 year deferred Judgment DUI
10 T 944DUIdismissed after 2 year deferred Judgment DUI
10 CR 136felony theft F5, DVdismissed after 2 year deferred judgment Misdemeanor theft
09 CR 44F4 cultivation, F5 possession schedule. III F4 possession, schedule. II4 year deferred judgment, possession F5
11 CR 163felony possessiondismissed after 3 year Deferred judgment F6 Possession
02 M 668third degree assault/DVacquittal/dismissal
10 CR 209F4 sex assault/overcoming will4 year deferred, attempted Sex assault, probation
12 CR 322felony drug possessiondismissed after 2 year deferred judgment, misdemeanor possession
14 T 315DUI Retired Denver Broncoacquittal/dismissal